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Link Interface To Caddx NX Controls


The Link Interface (ELK-ML8) acts as a bridge between the data bus of a Caddx NX Control and a Magic Module (ELK-MM443). It allows shared use of the inputs, outputs, and system status for Lighting, Energy Savings, HVAC, General Automation, and Security applications.
The Link Interface (ELK-ML8) connects to the data bus of the Caddx NX Control using only 2 wires. Data received from the control is mapped to 16 collection flags. Changes to these flags are broadcasted over the Magic Module data bus. In addition, 240 bits of data from the Control may be interrogated on demand by the Magic Module. In order to program the 16 collection flags or develop a Home Control or Automation application, a Magic Module Programmers Kit (ELK-MK485) is needed. There is also a ready to install kit "Home Control Lite" available which includes a programmed Magic Module, Link Interface, plus a Magic Voice (ELK-MV120) 32 channel recordable voice annunciator.

Automation utilizing existing Security Sensors and System Status from a Caddx NX control
Simple 2 Wire Hookup to the Control
16 Preset Conditions Mapped and Broadcasted Upon any Change
On Demand Interrogation of 240 Conditions
Real Time Clock & Calendar Event Functions utilizing the Caddx NX built-in clock
Small Size Conveniently Mounts inside Control
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Operating Voltage:
Current Draw:
9.6 - 15 Vdc, Derived From Magic Module Power Source or the Caddx Control
30mA DC
4" x 2.75" (102mm x 70mm)

View the ELK-ML8 Instruction Manual in Adobe Acrobat format (right-click to save document to your hard drive)
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